Off the grid.

So last MOnday, I chose to deactivate my personal facebook account. That might be such a big deal but in today’s society, social media is used for so much more to be social. The main reason for it is because I was sick of seeing all the stupid bullshit that runs down my news feed. I already filter out many people so that I don’t see anything that I post up. I don’t care that you ate a bagel for breakfast… it’s a fucking bagel. I don’t care that you picked up a new sponsor for your car because honestly, your car looks like a god damn Sprint Cup car but all you do is take it to car shows.

I guess that day I was fed up with everything. I realized that I’m a pretty anti-social person and am pretty selective about the people I surround myself in and because there is no such thing as an anti-social network, I chose to deactivate it. I didn’t want to delete it because I will be back eventually, just want to take a break for now. I still have an account I created for work since well… I need it for work. I still am on instagram but find myself checking it less and less everyday.

Since you’ve read this much, I reward you with @babycheen getting his untz untz untz on.

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Someone is ready to party! #babycheen

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