Breakfast Burrito from Rod’s

Thought I’d start sharing some foods that I enjoy. Short posts and thoughts about them, not full blown reviews because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Yesterday I had a bacon breakfast burrito from Rod’s Char-Burger in Redondo Beach. The unique thing about their breakfast burritos is that they put chili (as in chili cheese fries chili) in their burrito). Very good, I liked that the chili didn’t overwhelm the burrito, just gave it a nice twist.

Pig Pen Delicacy 

Was invited to try a new food spot out called Pig Pen Delicacy. Located in Santa Ana’s 4th St market, this place offers many great menu items that include different forms of delicious pork!! I had the breakfast sandwich with has scrambled eggs, and their famous thick cut candied bacon! I also had their pork belly fries which featured pieces of fried pork belly that had a savory taste and added a nice crunch as well! Food is good but a little on the greasy side but it’s pig so you’d expect that. If you’re in the Orange County area, I definitely suggest trying this spot.