Race Results

My brother asked me if I wanted to participate in the Wrigley River Run in June 2017 so ever since, I’ve been doing more and more running. This is where I’ll post my results from the various events that I’ve done.


Wrigley River Run (Long Beach, CA) 6/3/17 – 26m27s

Father’s Day Run (Van Nuys, CA) 6/18/17 – 26m02s

Red, White & Blue (Long Beach, CA) 7/2/17 – 24m55s

Menudo Run (El Monte, CA) 8/26/17 – 24m10s

Team Anissa Run (Gardena, CA) 9/23/17 – 24m17s

LBRC Charity 5k (Belmont Shore, CA) 10/15/17 – 22m43s

Run Like It’s Recess (Cerritos, CA) 11/12/17 – 23m35s

Turkey Trot (Santa Monica, CA) 11/23/17 – 22m39s (short)

Turkey Trot (Long Beach, CA) 11/25/17 – 30m03s


Summer Dash (Santa Monica, CA) 8/6/17 – 51m24s

Summer Sizzle (Long Beach, CA) 8/12/17 – 52m05s

Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles, CA) 10/2/17 – 54m58s

Lexus LaceUp (Palos Verdes, CA) 11/18/17 – 52m41s

Holiday Fun (Santa Monica, CA) 12/25/17 – 47m40s

Kick Off The New Year (Long Beach, CA) 1/6/18 – 46m19s

Race on the Base (Los Alamitos, CA) 2/24/18 – 43:15 (short course)

Half Marathon

Giving Thanks (Van Nuys, CA) 11/26/17 – 1h55m23s


L.A. Marathon (Los Angeles, CA) 3/18/18 – 3h54m25s


Conquer the Bride (San Pedro, CA) 5.3 Miles – 47m38s