Tough Times

With this whole Coronavirus situation that the world is going through, our lives have definitely changed. We’re to stay at home, wear facial coverings, gloves, etc. The once busy streets and stores are now empty. It’s a change in our daily lives that a lot of us are struggling with.

We tell ourselves no big deal right? I honestly thought that I would be ok with staying at home but this week this is all hitting me really hard. Seeing my siblings and nephews on a regular basis has always been very important to me and on Tuesday for my birthday, my sister dropped off some snacks to me. It was a very awkward situation having to keep distance and not being able to hug her. She then sent me a text message that I later read and man did that hit me with a wave of tears that I could not hold back. Later that day on a Zoom call with my family I started crying again seeing everybody’s faces. I would be lying to you if I told you that I wasn’t getting teary eyed as I write this.


These really are tough times but I understand why we are being told to stay home and keep our distance. I know that once this is all over We’ll all celebrate our love for our friends and families on a level of gratitude and appreciation for one another that we have not felt before. Stay strong everybody.

R.I.P. Kobe and Gigi

Los Angeles is saddened by the loos of Kobe and Gigi Bryant. This was an athlete I followed throughout most of my life. To me he was the greatest, I only started watching sports towards the end of Michael Jordan’s career so to me, Kobe was the greatest. He was L.A.

Life can end in an instant. Tel the ones around you that you love them, don’t let petty differences cause a rift in your relationship.

Mamba Mentality

Was browsing YouTube last night and came across this video of Kobe Bryant and his Mamba Mentality. We all know that Bryant’s work ethic and mental strength was on a completely different level compared to so the rest of the league and this video sums him up quite well. Going into my last week of marathon training before tapering for CIM, these words were just what I needed with two failed attempts at hitting the 3:25 marathon mark. Get out there and do the work!

You Are Significant

“We have come to define significance as I’m special and everything else isn’t. Religions thinking they’re special, cultures thinking they’re special, individuals thinking they’re special. The top 4 ingredients in life… in your body, the top 4 atoms in order: hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen.  Those 4 atoms… do you know what the top 4 ingredients are in the universe? The top 4 chemically active atoms in the universe? Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen! So upon learning that you’re not special because you do not contain special ingredients is the same fact includes the idea that while we live in this universe, the universe lives within us. We ARE special because we’re the same.”

-Neil deGrasse Tyson (Hot Ones S3 – E17, 23:00 )

Look Up

LIfe has its way of handing you all kinds of shit and the wrong time. Sometimes you have no control over it and sometimes you do. If you’re ever in a situation when you can change your situation, do it. Make a change in your life.


Hold it Together Guys

With so much going on in our nation, we are literally watching ourselves tear our nation apart. Hatred towards cops, hatred towards those with differing religions. All the progress that we’ve made as a country to is being flushed down the toilet all in the name of hate. 

Where did we go wrong as a community? Maybe we all just need to hug it out.