Arizona Surprise

Walking to the mailbox to get my Joe Exotic mask (dumb quarantine purchases) there was an unexpected package from my sister in Arizona. Enclosed were some cards and school photos from my nephews and a handwritten letter from my sister with some photos from my childhood and family. It’s things like this that are really making this time especially hard since I’m not able to see my family. However it’s also things like this that really make me look forward to seeing them all when this whole stay at home order is over.

Tough Times

With this whole Coronavirus situation that the world is going through, our lives have definitely changed. We’re to stay at home, wear facial coverings, gloves, etc. The once busy streets and stores are now empty. It’s a change in our daily lives that a lot of us are struggling with.

We tell ourselves no big deal right? I honestly thought that I would be ok with staying at home but this week this is all hitting me really hard. Seeing my siblings and nephews on a regular basis has always been very important to me and on Tuesday for my birthday, my sister dropped off some snacks to me. It was a very awkward situation having to keep distance and not being able to hug her. She then sent me a text message that I later read and man did that hit me with a wave of tears that I could not hold back. Later that day on a Zoom call with my family I started crying again seeing everybody’s faces. I would be lying to you if I told you that I wasn’t getting teary eyed as I write this.


These really are tough times but I understand why we are being told to stay home and keep our distance. I know that once this is all over We’ll all celebrate our love for our friends and families on a level of gratitude and appreciation for one another that we have not felt before. Stay strong everybody.

Fourth of July Weekend 2017

This post is a little late but hey at least I’m posting something up! What a busy weekend it was! With family and visitors coming from Arizona, the Bay Area and Kansas it was sure to be a fun filled (and extended) weekend!

Saturday Morning I headed to Cars and Coffee in San Clemente with my buddies Steve and Ronnie who both have Lamborghini Huracans. Afterwards we headed to Newport Lamborghini’s monthly cars how and it was packed! So many people and exotics! I even saw a La Ferrari in person for the first time, very nice car but I’d still take a McLaren P1 GTR over it any day!

Later that day I just hung out at my sisters and met her in laws from Kansas, my sister’s family from Arizona and family from the Bay area. Most of the night consisted of playing hide and seek with the kids as well as some intense games of Knockout!


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Nephews to Disneyland 

My nephews have been asking to go to Disneyland for some time now. My sister surprised them with a two day trip to Disneyland and Californa Adventure and a stay at the Paradise Pier hotel. I wasn’t able to meet up with them on The first day but I was able to join on the second day, I’m so glad that I got to be a part of their first experience here. I’m an annual pass holder and go whenever I can, love that place!

My Brother Cong


Today is my brother’s 41st birthday. Picture on the left is from August 2013. He has now dropped over 100 pounds with diet and exercise alone The change was so drastic that even close family doesn’t recognize him. So proud of him. Growing from middle school through high school my dad was not around. My brother was my father figure for the the years that shaped my life. He took me to my first baseball game and my first fishing trip. He went to parent/teacher conferences when I wasn’t doing well in school and he supported me through emotionally and financially for all of the wrestling camps, tournaments and gear that I wanted to go to. Every Saturday morning waking up at 5am to take me wherever tournaments were being held I could count on him to be there. He sacrificed so much so that I could have a somewhat normal time during my adolescence that I don’t even know where to start to show my appreciation for it all. There were times when he was tough on me and disciplined me and at the time I would think to myself that he had no right to since he wasn’t my dad but he everything he did for and to me was so that I can be a better person in my adult life and I thank him for that.

Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots

Labor Day weekend. Haven’t seen my family as much as I usually do since I’ve been so busy with work and car show stuff. Spent the day at my sister’s house and to see my nephews and hang out with the family.

Stopped by target to get some stuff and all I ended up getting was some qtips, hot wheels and rock ’em sock ’em robots. There’s no on/off button or touch screen so hopefully my nephews like it.


They did but soon lost interest to play with the hot wheels I got them after 10 minutes.

Also, my mom spent all day prepping and cooking bánh bèo for us! Haven’t had it in a while so I was pretty excited for that!



All in all, was a good relaxing day with the family. Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend!

-Danh V.