Fourth of July Weekend 2017

This post is a little late but hey at least I’m posting something up! What a busy weekend it was! With family and visitors coming from Arizona, the Bay Area and Kansas it was sure to be a fun filled (and extended) weekend!

Saturday Morning I headed to Cars and Coffee in San Clemente with my buddies Steve and Ronnie who both have Lamborghini Huracans. Afterwards we headed to Newport Lamborghini’s monthly cars how and it was packed! So many people and exotics! I even saw a La Ferrari in person for the first time, very nice car but I’d still take a McLaren P1 GTR over it any day!

Later that day I just hung out at my sisters and met her in laws from Kansas, my sister’s family from Arizona and family from the Bay area. Most of the night consisted of playing hide and seek with the kids as well as some intense games of Knockout!


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LnL 86

Yesterday was Import Faceoff at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana and I got to take my good friend Steve’s gorgeous AE86 to the show. He doesn’t have the time to bring it out so much anymore so it was nice to see it out and to see the faces of people seeing it for the first time.

Original G35

Randy recently did a photoshoot for a Option Magazine. With this beautiful and drastic makeover for such a well known car in the G35 community, it’s a love it or hate it build. It’s not the most JDM, it doesn’t have a Liberty Walk or Rocket Bunny kit but what it has is details and passion. Randy build cars for himself, not for followers.


Domestic Abuse

Nothing special at SEMA as far as jdm/euro goes. Rocket bunny this, Liberty Walk that. The interesting cars are the domestics. The level of execution shits on these muscle cars and hot rods shit all over most of these e-famous build that claim to be all about the details.

Here’s one that stood out to me. This 66 or 67 Chevy II (Nova) is one of my favorites of the show so far