My Brother Cong


Today is my brother’s 41st birthday. Picture on the left is from August 2013. He has now dropped over 100 pounds with diet and exercise alone The change was so drastic that even close family doesn’t recognize him. So proud of him. Growing from middle school through high school my dad was not around. My brother was my father figure for the the years that shaped my life. He took me to my first baseball game and my first fishing trip. He went to parent/teacher conferences when I wasn’t doing well in school and he supported me through emotionally and financially for all of the wrestling camps, tournaments and gear that I wanted to go to. Every Saturday morning waking up at 5am to take me wherever tournaments were being held I could count on him to be there. He sacrificed so much so that I could have a somewhat normal time during my adolescence that I don’t even know where to start to show my appreciation for it all. There were times when he was tough on me and disciplined me and at the time I would think to myself that he had no right to since he wasn’t my dad but he everything he did for and to me was so that I can be a better person in my adult life and I thank him for that.

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